The Skandia collection, thanks to the quality of all materials, to the stylistic excellence in combination with new trends and innovative technical solutions, is proposing sporty and elegant, fresh looking and brightly colored boots for children, original and fashion designed boots for women, technical and functional ones for man, taking care of the needs of every member of the family. Skandia shoes are designed to guarantee the best and warmest comfort in every winter condition, both in the city and on the snow. The inner lining made of waterproof wool will guarantee an effective protection also under the most extreme conditions. The polyurethane sole offers at the same time both cushioning and excellent wheel on the snow and on slippery surfaces.




Every use, every ground, every performance needs a special shape. The creation of every Skandia shoe is starting from an analysis of the specific use and of the ground the shoe is meant for, in order to determine the dimensions and structure and obtain the ideal match between comfort and performance. The shapes of Skandia winter shoes are studied to allow the insertion of additional layers of thermal insulation that will guarantee a high comfort during the cold season and meet every special need required by the anatomical shape of the foot with special solutions for every group of age.



All the materials and accessories used in the production of Skandia shoes are meeting the most strict environmental regulations and are tested by authorized institutes. The high tear strength and breaking load of the materials being used increases the quality and duration of Skandia footwear. The high resistance to bending gives the shoe upper an extreme lightness, assuring the maximum level of comfort. In order to guarantee comfort and safety in all conditions, Skandia shoes are being tested in laboratory and on the ground with simulations, resistance and waterproof tests. In particular, to verify waterproofness and thermal insulation, Skandia is using a mobile mechanical foot which simulates the walkhalf immersed in water or with temperatures down to 25° C -30° C.



By collecting accurate information about the specific use and the type of ground where the shoes will be used, Skandia is able to define the precise technical features of every shoe. This is necessary in order to guarantee the best possible climatic comfort in terms of total waterproofness (without any compromise) and transpiration. Skandia’s technical production procedures will guaranteea total waterproofness by using water-resistant materials and the Skandiatex waterproof membrane with heat-sealed joints. The collection of Skandia winter shoes has been developed also to give a very good protection under cold conditions and for outdoor winter activities, thanks to the correct balance between transpiring material and warm lining.



The materials Skandia is using for the soles are determined by environmental conditions and the study of the types of grounds. The result of every project is a mix of design, manufacturing techniques and research to find the best materials for the components of the sole. The achievement of a top level use resistance balanced with an excellent slipping resistance allows on one side a matchless comfort and, on the other, a high level of grip and safety in every weather condition. The several air cells which are trapped in the molecular structure of the materials composing the sole, createan air cushion between foot and ground that improves the thermal insulation increasing the shock absorber effect of the heel.



Skandia’s insole is a triple-layer isolation that can be compared to a dehumidifier. The first layer in Polipropylene absorbs humidity. The reflective film releases warmth towards the foot. The woolen felt, through microscopic holes absorbs and extracts humidity from Polipropylene, allowing the foot to breath in a warm environment.


BASF’s Elastopan® Cold Resistance

An innovative multi-component polyurethane has been introduced in our products: BASF’s Elastopan® Cold Resistance, a high performance material, which combines a special flexural performance at extremely low temperatures (up to -30°C / -22°F) with a very high slip resistance on wet and icy surfaces, low abrasion and good shock absorption.

About us


Skandia Spa started business in 1979, producing and distributing after-ski boots and winter footwear. Since the year of establishment Skandia Spa has been on the market applying a philosophy that will guarantee a product of high quality when it comes to both design and workmanship. In a short time Skandia gains appreciation of the customers for the quality of the products, the variety and style of the collection they are offering, working in close co-operation with the leading brands for customization and industrialization of the product. Skandia has diversified the range of products thanks to experience gained over the years and to the development of advanced technologies in order to meet the increasing needs of the market. Today the company is organized with several and well advanced technical and manufacturing departments providing the customer both high quality standards and reliable service.


Skandia is able to give the customers a completely personalized service by offering the skill and excellence of its various internal departments: the creativity of the styling department, the ability of the workshop, from the creation of the sketches to the development of the first prototypes and samples; the experience and know-how of the technical department that, thanks to different teams, chooses and controls the quality of all materials, studies and develops innovative technical solutions suitable for every different type of product; a quick, efficient and continuous consulting service from the sales office in order to meet all the customer’s requirements. We are proud to affirm that Skandia is known for the high quality of its products, the wide range of selections that goes from waterproof winter boots to technical waterproof trekking and outdoor shoes, from casual shoe to professional and safety shoes and for the several types of constructions which can be used for the production of footwear with the lasted upper on cemented sole, strobel construction with cemented sole and direct injection on the upper.


In addition to the factory employing 60 people in Italy, Skandia owns two manufacturing units in Romania, one for stitching and cementing and one for the upper’s injection, with a total of 400 employees. The potential capacity of upper making is about 6.000 pairs a day, 2.000 made with 4 owned stitching lines and about 4.000 directly managed through 9 satellite units across Rumania, Bulgaria and Serbia. The direct injection on upper is realized using 4 injection machines, one with 24, two with 18 and one with 14 workstations reaching a daily potential capacity of 5.000 pair of shoes. This can be increased by 1.500 additional pairs a day through the cooperation with other contractors in Italy.


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